Hibiscus Apartments

1 and 2 Bedroom

We happily welcome you to Norfolk Island for the first time. Because, quite possibly, once you experience your first escape here, we will warmly greet you again… next year, or perhaps the year after that..

We have been described as a ‘foodies paradise’.. ‘a great destination for food lovers’.. ‘offering good food, good company, with the chance to escape’…

And this is especially true if you love to forage – As our island’s geographic location is in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, so our lifestyle revolves around the year’s seasons. Ask a local about which fruit and vegetables are in abundance at what month of the year – Foraging is a treasure-hunt and we are happy to share local insights such as the best places to collect red guavas or at what time of the week the markets are held and where you can find delicious homemade chutneys and locally grown produce freshly picked from home gardens. Keep an eye out on days when fishermen return to the pier, which means you’ll most likely find freshly caught local fish dishes at restaurants and cafes.

There’s many cultural taste-sensations to explore on the island.. from the way in which prepare and cook our local produce, to the traditional Tahitian & Pitcairn recipes of pilhi, mudda, poi and green plun fritters…you can truly experience a unique culinary journey on Norfolk Island. It’s delightfully aromatic, nourishing, real food!

So plan your days to stimulate your appetite! Choose from a wide variety of activities – perhaps a day at the World Heritage golf course, or book a chartered fishing trip, or biking or bushwalking, or snorkelling or swimming, or heritage sightseeing or exploring museums and art galleries. Strike a comfortable balance between adventure pursuits with quiet relaxation spells and research opportunities to learn more about our unique cultural stories. There are many different nuances of things to do and experience – to enrich your Norfolk Island holiday escapade.

Captivate a tranquil state of mind, savouring long brunches, good coffee and afternoon teas, exquisite wines and happy hours, enchanting restaurant and cafe dining experiences… You can always grab the picnic pack from your apartment, some of the local cheeses, meat and salads, and find a clifftop bbq area to cook your own meal as the sun sets upon the ocean horizon. We recommend you don’t rush off too quickly after sundown, as it’s often just a short while later, that the most magnificent, vibrant kaleidescope of colours are thrown upwards in the night sky… And you don’t want to miss that… Just sit for a while. Watch as night time falls, and thousands of stars above begin to twinkle – and take a breath. Relax and allow yourself to be drawn into the mystery of Norfolk Island.

And before you know it, your holiday draws to a close, because it’s almost as if time has ‘stopped’ for a while. But then reality steps in and your departure date arrives. And the easiest way to leave, is to book a return trip!

And we’ll be here to extend a warm welcome again … with many smiles.

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