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Enjoy the beauty of Norfolk Island

Our properties are the perfect base to enjoy the beauty and adventure of Norfolk Island Island. Most of the island’s outdoor activities are world-class and only a short drive away. Guests regularly comment on how much they can do in a short amount of time.

Norfolk Island is the quiet achiever of the South Pacific, often overlooked, though unforgettable once found. Discover for yourself why visitors return time and time again – there’s just so much more to Norfolk Island.

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  • Explore one of the best preserved convict settlements in the Southern Hemisphere, Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area is the oldest of the 11 convict sites across Australia given World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2010
  • Play a round of golf on one of the world’s most historic courses
  • Swim in the iconic Emily Bay and snorkel over coral and friendly fish
  • Explore nature in the National Parks and Botanical Gardens
  • Get out in the open ocean experiencing world class fishing, kayaking or trekking on neighboring Phillip Island
Historical Norfolk Island

UNESCO World Heritage convict buildings, breathtaking scenery and a unique culture with an intriguing past combine to make Norfolk Island a unique domestic Australian destination. Settled by descendants of Bounty mutineers who speak a mix of Tahitian and 18th century English, it’s a friendly place where waving to everyone you pass is mandatory, and wandering cows have the right of way. It’s the only place in the world where the telephone book lists people under their nicknames, such as Drill, Bing, Diddles and Spud. It’s no wonder the local people reckon its “Da Bass Side Orn Earth” (the best place on Earth).


Things To Do & Top Attractions
on Norfolk Island

Swim in calm, clear water

Emily Bay Lagoon

Emily Bay Lagoon is a gloriously curved crescent of golden sand, backed by an expanse of grass and shaded by majestic Norfolk Pines. This Marine Park lagoon is protected by a reef, has perfectly clear water, hardly any waves, and is full of coral and colourful fish, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Wander through nature

Norfolk Island National Parks

Norfolk Island National Parks, Botanical Gardens and Reserves tracks meander through the natural pine forests and along the rugged coast line. Discover the giant tree ferns, unique flora and fauna, and you may even spot the rare green parrot which is only found on Norfolk Island.  You can drive to the top of Mount Pitt located in the National Park for a 360° outlook of the whole island and witness amazing sunrises and sunsets from this spectacular vantage point.


Kingston Convict Ruins

Discovered by James Cook in 1774, the island was first settled as a convict colony. In 1855, Queen Victoria gave the island to the descendants of one of the most famous naval mutinies in modern history: the mutiny on the Bounty, led by Fletcher Christian. Wander around the beautiful stone buildings of Kingston built during the convict settlement, visit the convict cemetery, or explore the four incredible Museums. Fascinating by day, Kingston really shines at night with ghost tours and live shows. Or enjoy the historical site as a platform to star gaze and see why the island is an Australian Gold Level Dark Sky Town.

Play World Heritage golf

Norfolk Island Golf Club

Play a round of golf on the seaside golf course located within a World Heritage site. Set within the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area, the nine-hole 18 tee course offers stunning views from every hole, including the notorious 4th & 13th , where the green is tucked into a rock face. Even the clubhouse is historic: built in 1843, in convict times it was the home of the stipendiary magistrate. Bookings are essential.

Food, Drink, & More

Food Metres, not Miles

Norfolk Island is fast becoming a food lover’s destination. Think fresh fish, succulent beef and pork, boutique products like local honey and artisan cheeses.

With a flourishing organic food industry, produce is picked and delivered on the same day to restaurants and cafes, allowing chefs to create fresh and delicious meals for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to try a traditional dish such as Tahitian fish or Pilhi (banana slice).

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