Daydreamer Apartments

1 and 2 Bedroom

Gone are the reprovals for ‘daydreaming’ – It’s actually a state of mind to truly embrace! Give yourself time to just daydream.

Here, on Norfolk Island, gift yourself permission to daydream – if only for a little while.

Perhaps you feel it’s time to plan a family holiday – and family travel is so very easy here on the island.

Activities abound from exploring meandering gentle-paced forest trails, to safe swimming beaches, to easily-accessed snorkelling spots. At the waves edge of our sandy beaches you’ll find a perfect spot for building sandcastles… and are you brave enough to allow yourself to be covered in sand by little hands? Decorations are close handy – you can find seashells and pine needles on the foreshore, as well as driftwood pieces, tiny rocks and stones having been tumbled by the ocean tides. It’s a  treasure-trove at your feet! Our sea temperatures are the warmest between February and May, with a maximum of about 24.5°C. The coldest it gets is in August/September, between 17°C and 18°C. We’re sub-tropical!

If, as a family, you decide to explore the Kingston reef in the World Heritage Area, wear protective reef shoes and only wander at low tide. Be careful of stepping into rock pools which can sometimes be slippery. When you spot our teeny, tiny sea creatures, we ask that you don’t pick them up, nor take home any of the underwater shells – they provide the protective homes for our abundant marine life. There is always the view from under the water so don’t forget to grab one of our snorkel sets or jump onto the glass bottom boat.

You can take off your shoes here ~ all the time ~ the worst that may happen is stepping upon a bindi patch! Or.. in the Norf’k language, the ‘grarb-a-leag’. But be as a local and ‘screp yous leag’ (ie. scrap your feet and walk on your heels to get through any prickly patches!!) It works! Truly it does!

Take a breath & relinquish the pressure we put upon ourselves in normal routines. At Daydreamer apartments, your home away from home is fringed with Kentia palm gardens and sunny lawns. You have unfettered time here…

We are a community who love children, and we are happy to share the island’s best activities to tire out those little minds and feet! Our natural sensory Norfolk experiences, like a day spent at Emily Bay, filled with freedom to run and splash within gentle waves. Tummies grumble as the light of the day diminishes and children are soon ‘ready to drop’ – It’s then home to Daydreamer.

Daydreaming becomes dreamweaving… every night.

What an opportunity it is, to escape to Norfolk Island and adopt a dreamy face!

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